Relevant Keywords is Key

Before we ever begin the copywriting process, we dive headlong into customized keyword research based on your product and niche. We use the latest and most powerful industry keyword tools to meticulously comb through keywords, selecting the most relevant for your product.

Wide Range of Keywords

The name of the game is to be ranking as high as possible for as many keywords as possible. We make sure that all your bases are covered, driving more traffic to your listing and boosting your keyword ranking.

Strategic Keyword Placement

Did you know that each field on Amazon carries different SEO weight? For example, the title is the most important so we make as many important keywords appear there as possible.  

High Converting Sales Copy

This is the fun stuff. This is where we turn regular words into your greatest salesman. You see, copywriting is an art. It’s about connecting with people on a deeper emotional level. We’re experts at crafting Amazon language – the titles, bullet points and product descriptions – in a way that weaves a story and triggers an instant “Buy Now!” emotion in your customers.





  • Intensive Keyword Research
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Title
  • 5 Bullet Point
  • Product Description (HTML Ready)
  • Backend Search Terms
  • Subject Matter









Our turnaround time is typically 7 business days for a complete set of 9 image designs. Some projects could take longer or less depending on the number of image designs requested in a single order and based on active projects that week. Our logo/branding package and packaging design is typically 5-7 business days.

All I would need are all of your HD product shots, as well as the copywriting OR Amazon listing link, and I will use those to create the designs for you.

YES! Part of our service includes our designer going out and finding and purchasing appropriate stock images to compliment with your product. You do NOT need to pay for these stock images – it is included in the fee!

That is completely up to you and would really be based on your budget and spend. Most customers start with 9 unique image designs (as 9 images is the optimized amount of images Amazon allows per listing), and as they grow and increase their ROI, start ordering larger packages for other listings. Over the years, we have devised a proven 9-image formula which has helped countless sellers reach high sales.

YES! We are flexible on the vision for the image design.

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